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The Cause of War

War arises because of the inevitable logic of strategy. Unless a country keeps it's defences high then another country may over-run it. High defences cannot only be passive but to be effective must include a full range of tactics. This includes spying, false flag attacks (designed to cause an enemy to be attacked by someone else etc) and also pro-active strikes etc etc.

Each country is forced to always seek strategic advantage otherwise their opponents will seize the advantage leaving them vulnerable and weakened by camparison. As history shows the victor can be cruel and barbaric so the natural feeling is to avoid defeat at all costs.

From a pacifist's point of view the ideal country would never go to war. But such a country is unlikely to last long due to the present state of the world. There are tremendous pressures upon our leaders urging them to take various drastic and morally ambigious actions.

I do have a sympathy for many of the invasions and seemingly shady manoeuvres of the western powers only because I believe that there is a lot happening behind the scenes that is forcing them to act in certain ways. I am certainly not supporting in any way torture or attacking civilians etc-I am just saying that the laws of strategy kind of dictate many of their actions. If they did not act in certain ways then maybe Russia/China or the Islamic movements would surely take advantage.

My sympathy is due to the fact that they are getting so much criticism for their actions but they simply cannot reveal the true justifications to the public for to do so might cause great danger and/or be misunderstood. In my cosmology when much of the population is condemning/cursing their leaders then they are projecting negative energy onto them which unfortunately is only likely to make them worse and make the more vulnerable to deceptive entities etc.

How is it that extreme ambition arises in someone such that they would conquer the whole world?The great leaders may be in the limelight but are there groups and individuals pulling the strings from the shadows?

Personal ambition and the desire for glory may shake the world but what of the patient 'idealists' who plan and manipulate behind the scenes?

There is another factor which makes war, brutality and disharmony more likely. To some people it is a self-evident factor clear to see, to others this factor is not recognized at all. The factor is the human consumtion of dead animal flesh.

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