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Giants Steps to Financial Freedom

by Mika Hamilton

The first step to financial freedom is to stop creating debt now! This is a difficult task for most people, however to achieve the freedom you want, it has to be done. Destroying all credit cards, and closing all credit accounts is a great way to stop creating debt. Even if credit cards are not in regular use and are to be used for emergencies only, they are likely to be abused and over used. There are plenty of other options to getting money in an emergency.

The second step is to rank the current debt in the order of which can be paid off the fastest to gain your financial freedom. Debt is not the same as a monthly bill. For example a mortgage is a debt however utility bills or taxes are no debt. To order debts, make a list of money owned then divide each by the required monthly payment. The lower the number the higher on the list that particular debt goes. Remember, financial freedom begins with being honest about current financial state and goals for the future. Focusing on the debt with the fewest payments due, debt is paid off quicker, and leaves more money available to pay off the larger debts.

The next step in your pursuit to financial freedom is to put aside ten percent of the household income. To calculate what ten percent of the income is take the yearly income and divide it by twelve and then multiple that by 0.1. Most people avoid budgeting because it seems so difficult but it does not have too. To create a budget makes a list of where the money is going and when. When the list is complete then examine what is being spent, what can bills can be cut out completely, and what bills can be reduced. Next, place the bills in order of priority. Having a budget is a great base for all the steps you need to take for financial freedom.

The final step to jump starting your freedom from debt is to pay the monthly payment on the first debt on your list plus the ten percent of income that has been set aside for the month. Pay that way until the debt is wiped clean. Then do the same for the next debt on the list and also apply whatever was being paid on the previously removed debt.

Everyone dreams of the freedom and lifestyle that having no debt can achieve. To gain this freedom debt must aggressively be destroyed and only through an honest approach to your finances. It can be disheartening to take a look in the mirror and have to confront problems which have existed for years.

However, once you do you will feel relief and perhaps for the first time in years comfort in knowing your future will be secure. Financial freedom begins with honesty. If you need help handling your debts see out a credit counselor. It is never to late to get your finances in order.

About the Author

Mika Hamilton runs a website offering free investment tips and strategies for people looking to get started in the investment world.

You are here: Home location Financial Freedom location Giants Steps to Financial Freedom
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