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Website Hosting

A website host is a company who receives the website files that you upload to them and puts them on a server where they are broadcast on the web.

There are various types and grades of host and you will want to choose one suitable for your website. It always recommended that you check out online reviews of the various web hosts. However bear in mind that people often only bother posting reviews when they are unhappy so dont be put off by a few negative reviews. On the other hand some positive reviews are likely to have been posted by the companies themselves. One indication of a genuine review is if the reviewer has posted a number of other reviews on different subjects. Fake reviewers often only post single reiews which promote their own services. Another indicator of review authenticity is if it mentions both good and bad points ie pros and cons regarding the host. Fake positive reviews usually only post completely positive reviews where as disgruntled customers or rivals usually only post negative points with no positive points.

Look for large review sites with loads of reviews for each hosting service. The many reviews should balance out any fake positive or negative reviews, giving you a clearer picture.

You are here: Index location Webmaster Tips and Tricks location Website Hosting

The VirtueScience Philosophy The VirtueScience Philosophy

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