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Mayotte News

U.N. AFRICA STUDY IS SET FOR HAVANA Click Here to Open in a New Window
20 Arab countries foreign mins adopt resolution to renew commitment by Arab countries to boycott racist regimes in southern Africa and to support African liberation movements in Rhodesia, S Africa and SW Africa (S)
‘Invasion’ of Island Is Laid to France; She Denies Charge Click Here to Open in a New Window
Peter Onu, Orgn of African Unity asst sec gen, charges that French troops are invading Mayotte which orgn recognizes as part of newly ind Comoro Repub, news conf; says French warships have surrounded island; Comoro leadership declared entire island group, including Mayotte, ind of France on basis of Dec '74 referendum in which 95% voted for end to colonial rule; on Mayotte, 2/3 majority voted to retain link to France and residents appealed to Paris to be allowed to break away from other islands (S)
France Is Willing to Keep One of the Comoro Islands Click Here to Open in a New Window
French Govt on July 9 decides to recognize wish of people of Mayotte Island, 1 of 4 Comoro Islands, to remain under French rule despite overwhelming vote of total population for indepedence; says it will help transfer auth over other 3 islands to ind govt; Mayotte's deputy in French Parliament Marcel Henry sends cablegram to French Pres Valery Giscard d'Estaing saying that Mayotte remains legally integral part of France and expects French Govt to take measures to impose its auth on island; French Natl Assembly enacted bill last wk that would allow each of islands to vote separately on proposed const; Comoro Islands Pres Ahmed Abdallah says Mayotte does not belong to France; map (M)

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