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An Evolutionary Quantum Leap In Precision Martial Arts Training Equipment

by Peter Sundbye

Are You Looking For A New Way To Improve Your Martial Arts?

Imagine for a minute that you have a home personal martial arts training partner that works tirelessly to teach you only the best techniques. A martial arts dummy on which you can practice and learn what strikes and defences work for you.

Imagine having this martial arts training device available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and who can take everything you've got, so you never have to hold back - all day, every day.

Imagine having this advantage in your training - a partner who will not hesitate to strike back if there is any opening or gap in your defences.

Well it is not just a dream anymore, it is a reality in the Martialarm Martial Arts Machine.

Up Until Now We Have Not Had A Realistic Training Partner

Experienced martial practitioners will love the Martialarm because you can create new techniques due to its constant forward force and so it strike back. The Martialarm is used to practise in the control of any opponent's arms: and new unique techniques will develop from training on it! The ability to enter into your opponents space and really improve your attacks are just some of the benifits of training with the martialarm, also control over the opponent's attack and defence capabilities because of the constant forward force and resistance to the center. The Martialarm attaches to a wall and is used like a wooden dummy for martial arts training!

Other martial arts training devices are not easily used by the new student because they are not a simple representation of an opponent in an attacking or defensive position. The Martialarm is and so it does teach the new student how to handle that by constantly drilling his techniques on the martialarm.

What is the Martialarm?

The Martialarm Machine Is The Only Martial Arts Tool that allows you complete realism in all your martial arts training of kung fu, karate, krav maga, jeet kune do, tae kwon do, kempo and more..

The Martialarm is a Martial Arts training machine used to develop the entry and trapping skills of any martial artist - in any style. The Martialarm is designed to actually test your techniques so to improve them and for you to gain the amazing ability to trap and control your opponents hands and arms. This is because the Martialarm moves and reacts like a real opponent.

If you own a dojo or training school, using the Martialarm Training Partner increases your new student sign up and also retention rate

About The Author

Peter Sundbye

This article was submitted by P. Sundbye who has been training in various martialarts for the last 11 years including Wing Chun Kung Fu, Aikido, Tong Long and the Lee Total Control system.

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You are here: Index location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location An Evolutionary Quantum Leap In Precision Martial Arts Training Equipment

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