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After I wrote my book "Inner Medicine", whilst still new to the internet, I searched for people with similar ideas. I found this page by John Damschroder and printed it off. Now nearly 10 years later I have put it up in my Guest Section.


March 12, 1996

I propose by way of this column to CREATE a new WORD. The word is PRUMBLE...a feeling of FIERCE PRIDE and DEEP HUMILITY. This word is needed in my experience to describe a feeling that is often shared in human experience.

The thesaurus says pride and humility are opposites; we all know from our experience that pride and humility are conflicting emotions. How can they be joined? For me the question is, HOW CAN THEY BE SEPERATED?

The effort to build Ohio's internet presence is a perfect example of the need for the word PRUMBLE. I am proud of the excellence on display at I am humble with the realization that our excellence is made possible only in collaboration with an outstanding team of people at Ameritech.

I am proud of the outstanding marriage of content and graphics to be found in our material, but humble with the awareness that Mark Rickel, Russ Birkos, Dick Behm and Wendy Cramer are behind this excellence.

All the experience I have had in my many jobs and in more than one profession lead me to the conclusion most of the best efforts in life would be accurately described by the word PRUMBLE. Proud-Humble-Prumble. You won't find this combo in the dictionary, but no feeling could be more REAL to me.

I would like to build some support for this concept and urge you to use the Ohio GRAFFITI WALL to share your thoughts on the NEED for the word PRUMBLE. In fact I am PROUD to offer this word for consideration but HUMBLE in the knowledge that only AOL and the INTERNET give this thought enough weight to matter.

Please help me introduce a concept the books tell us does'nt exist, my heart and mind say it does. AT LEAST IN OHIO!

John Damschroder
Special Projects Director
Ohio Department of Development gdi/~ohio/pcards/March12.htm

John I agree with your idea and ask: have you tried applying the principle to all the Virtues? This page has been put up without permission from John. John if you would like the page taken down let me know and I will take it down. Feel free to contact me.

You are here: Home location Character Improvement location Prumble
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