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Put Something Out There

My advice regarding building a website is to not procastinate too long. Once you have chosen a domain name for your site and have a subject in mind, then go for it.

Put something online as soon as you can. This will make your ambitions more solid. You can put something up which is fairly rough and build on it and refine it later on.

Many people make the mistake of delaying publishing a site for various reasons such as wanting it to be perfect for example. It may be surprising to know that a large number of such people never manage to get a site up online at all. If they had just put something up they could have improved it and built upon it little by little in moments of spare time.

Another good reason to get something online is to give the search engines something to nibble on. You want your site to be indexed in the search engines as soon as possible. New sites are said to be sandboxed/not trusted as much. Older sites are usually given more value and trust. Therefore it makes sense to get your site up as early as possible.

If you are building your own site, you will want it up online asap so that you can experiment with various layouts, designs and functionalities. As soon as you have your site online you can see what it looks like when viewed using various browsers such as firefox, google chrome and microsoft internet explorer. You can also check to see what your site looks like when viewing it using a mobile phone and tablet.

You are here: Index location Webmaster Tips and Tricks location Put Something Out There

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