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compassion for all life

An Introduction to "Earth Rising"

'Earth rising' is a prayer for The Earth, this planet which has been laid low by the actions of a greed- filled ,wanton and irresponsible humanity. It is a call to the very powers of nature itself to bring the Earth back to its original splendour. By reciting the words of this prayer you will help raise the vibrations of the Earth and all that resides upon it. You will cause a quickening of the ethers to bring about a new and revitalising dawn for all of creation, throughout the animal, mineral and vegetable kingdom as well as throughout the consciousness of Mankind itself.

Earth Rising

By the power of that which runneth nameless through the breeze,
Let the Earth rise.
By the majesty of the lofty mountain,
the pretty dance of the butterfly,
the sparkling rush of the woodland's waterfall,
Let the Earth rise.

By the force of the solar disk radiant overhead,
Let the Earth rise.
By the subtle balance of the equinox,
the kaleidoscopic interplay of the seasons,
the shimmering mist which hovers over the valley's open hills,
Let the Earth rise.

By the wolf's howling entreaty,
Let the Earth rise.
By the caw of the raven,
the twittering laughter of the songbird,
the tiny fawn hidden beneath the verdant undergrowth,
Let the Earth rise.

By the lion's eternal essence,
Let the Earth rise.
By the stealth of the fox,
the quickness of the hare,
the bull's thunderous challenge,
Let the Earth rise.

By the stars in the vaulted heavens,
Let the Earth rise.
By the swirl of the myriad ethers,
the rythmic tune throughout creation,
The Spirit's triumphant glory,
Let the Earth rise !

~ Dedicated to those who aspire from darkness to light ~

Wilderness child.