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The Advanced Tactical Computer

Shhhhh encourages faith and confidence in your own inner wisdom. Your insights are as valid and valuable as anybody elses. Outer authorities only have the authority that you project onto them from within yourself. Understand that you can discover martial secrets with your own experimentation and the intelligent direction of your attention.

A conventional martial artist may have studied the general subject for 20 years. You may have only focused on a very specific situation or a very specific move concept for 12 weeks. As far as that specific situation is concerned, as far as the application of that particular move is concerned believe that it is possible that you could have a far deeper understanding and practical ability than the traditionalist.

Study the accumulation of ancient martial wisdom from many sources but keep your freshness of vision, cherish your independence. Cultivate a healthy skepticism along with a deep curiosity for all existing martial doctrines. Inwardly challenge each move idea or piece of advice. Do not follow it like a semiconscious zombie. See it as a doorway to limitless contemplation and study. How does it fit in with your existing understanding?

View your current understanding fairly and objectively. Evaluate your martial power. What areas should be your priority to improve?

The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. In that sense you have access to your own super computer which if used wisely can shed light on the many mysteries of the universe. A determined focus of your attention on any subject will awaken your inate knowledge of that subject. Your present life experience and your organic brain are not the limits of your intelligence. Beyond the gross physical level you exist as a great chain of Being: a spectrum from the heavy physical body through ever more subtle inner aspects to omniscience as your true nature.

Give up false beliefs regarding your limitations and strive onwards towards true self mastery.

As electronic tactical computers become more sophisticated they will begin to have representations of the universal conceptual matrix built into their software.

You are here: Home location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location The Advanced Tactical Computer
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