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Healing Society

If one person can be emotionally healed then the whole of society can also be emotionally healed. The processes in the outer world reflect those in your inner world. World peace cannot be attained without world awakening because conflict is an unavoidable symptom (and the medicine) of semiconsciousness.

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The Excalibur Project: Enhanced Democracy
Drawing on the legend of Excalibur, I explore how modern technology may be used to safeguard and enhance democracy and other forms of management.

The Global Mind Initiative
We are all part of one global mind. Your inner and outer worlds reflect each other.

The Hidden Consequences of Mass Belief Systems on the Global Mind
We are all part of one global mind. Your inner and outer worlds reflect each other.

Health Care
Prevention of disease is more important than treatment.

Secret Societies
Their function and characteristics.

Animal Welfare
It is not a matter of caring for animals or humans. Caring for animals supports human wellfair by increasing repect for Life in the global consciousness.

Quarantine and Therapy and Deterrent.

The Kali Yuga
The Age of Darkness.

World Peace
There will only be world peace after world awakening.

Technology and the Future of the Earth

Fountain International
A method to raise the vibration of environments.

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What Can Emerging Technologies Do For Society? by Dermott Reilly

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Utopia, by Thomas More

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Hi, I am James Barton the founder of VirtueScience and Author of "Inner Medicine" which details my discoveries regarding the virtues along with practical exercises to awaken natural virtue. I have a wide range of interests but the main focus of this site now is the virtues and character. Please feel free to explore the site and comment on any pages that you are interested in/agree with or disagree with.
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