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Health and Fitness

The way of Virtue advises a vegetarian/vegan diet for many good reasons. Also a few general tips on diet.

Esoteric Diet
The advantages of a vegetarian/vegan diet from the viewpoint of the esoteric. Includes descriptions of how diet and spiritual vibrations are intimately related which clearly show the vast global benefits of adopting the compassionate diet.

Diet: Exoteric and Esoteric
The above 2 articles on 1 page

The basics of breatharianism. Including what it is and putting it in a macro-historic context.

Nutrition: The Properties of Minerals and Vitamins
The physical, emotional and mental importance of nutrition. A collected list of properties for each mineral and vitamin.

A Fresh Look at Mantra Yoga
The ancient science of Mantra Yoga is not just for the initiated but can be used by all. A fresh look ant an ancient science.

Neo Hatha Yoga
A new aproach to Hatha Yoga based on the balancing of opposites.

Tattoos and Piercings are Unhealthy
An exploration of the spiritually detrimental effects of tattoos and piercings. Their effects on the etheric body + their vibrational effects on the consciousness.

Avoid Fluoride Toothpaste
I recommend choosing a toothpaste that is fluoride free as it is a neurotoxin. Other reasons and details also.

Prehistoric Yoga
Did ancients from a long past Golden Age practice a prehistoric yoga?

Ban Pethidine
Ban Pethidine use during birth.

The Origin of Ayurveda in the Cognitions of the Vedic Rishis
"Because Ayurvedic medicine can trace its roots back many thousands of years it is often thought to be the result of a long period of trial and error. However, the Ayurvedic texts, and the Vedic tradition from which Ayurveda comes, tell a far different story of Ayurveda's origin."

A brief description of the baby- blinding and oxygen- rationing problems
"Lamps in hospital nurseries are brightest in the wavelengths known to inflict the most retinal damage."

Pranic Therapy
Pranic Therapy is an alternative system of Medicine using therapy with the Universal Stream of Consciousness, the Cosmic Prana.

The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga by Swami Mukerji,Yogi of the South India Order

Numbers and the Human Body

Yoga Links
A selection.

Tai Chi Links
A selection.

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