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Living Space / Environmental

Ban Ironing! by James Barton
Ironing is unecessary, unnatural and harms the environment.

Hairy Houses by James Barton
Could the friction caused by wind rustling special filaments together produce useful heat?

The Architect's Mind by James Barton
The architect's quality of consciouness and it's effect on the buildings designed + the effect of those buildings on future occupants.

Herbal Painting
Painting using paint mixed with specific herbal powders to enhance the vibrational effects of a painting.

Motivational Posters by James Barton
We are constantly being influenced by subliminal messages from our environment. Here is how to harness your subconscious for effortless improvement. Includes extract of "Inner Medicine"

Ticking Clocks by James Barton
The negative effects of ticking clocks.

Cobbled Streets and Health by James Barton
They are good.

The Command Position: Beds by James Barton
What is the command position?

Artificial Calendars by James Barton
Macrocosmic cycles and the microcosm.

Global Warming: Is It Real? by Frank Vanderlugt

Space Sunshade May One Day Reduce Global Warming
by Deepak Purang

The Environment: A Global Overview
by Larry Butz

Feng Shui Attracts Money
Sam Stevens

Feng Shui Cures
by Batsheva Vaknin.

What is Vastu Shastra?
by Robin Mastro

Architecture and Democracy by Claude Fayette Bragdon

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You are here: Home location Living Space / Environmental location Living Space and the Environment
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