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Avoid Fluoride Toothpaste

I recommend using toothpaste that is free from fluoride as it is a neurotoxin. It is my belief that it's ingestion can lower intelligence and make the person more docile. It may also dull the psychic senses and interfere with inner processess of consciousness that not understood by today's convention materialist scientists.
Have a look at this discussion on the possible psychic depressant effects of fluoride

Regarding the physical effects of too much fluoride it may make the bones and teeth more brittle and so have a negative impact in self defence situations. Taking fluoride in too large a dose can actually cause fluorosis the discoloration of the teeth.
Have a look at these fluorosis images on Google Image Search
This health problem is more widespread than you might think and indicates that it is not natural for the human body to take in fluoride in anything but the lowest amounts that are found in nature. As is so often the case natural is best and we can use this as a guideline to avoid many of the perils of modern living.

It may be a more rigorous step to purify the water that is sometimes polluted with fluoride but at least we can easily boycotte any toothpaste that has fluoride added. There are a number of very good toothpastes that are fluoride free-search for them online and in health food shops.

It is particularily important to refrain from giving young children fluoride toothpaste as they are smaller and their brains are developing. Also they are more likely to ingest the fluoride where as an adult at least is able to spit out the excess toothpaste.

By choosing fluoride free toothpaste we are helping to keep our awareness sharp thus giving ourselves an edge in life. Choosing fluoride free toothpaste is also like a vote against water fluoridization as well. The purpose of this article is not to prove anything or list all the evidence relating to the harm fluoride can do-it is only to give a general warning/advice and help raise awareness about this important subject. I advise you to do your own research on the subject although please keep in mind that many pro-fluoride dentists and so called experts have been duped/are only repeating what they have been told. Many dentists and scientists who have looked deeply into this subject are very firmly against fluoride and see it as a brain toxin to be avoided.

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