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Beware of Channeled Material

(very rough and incomplete article-fixing soon)(from 8th of Nov 2010)
Genuine spirituality is about realizing our true transcendental nature as exemplified by Ramana Maharshi and other great beings. Our true nature has never been created and can never be destroyed. It is the purest state and is peaceful/blissful. We are that. We already are ourselves and we just have to realize it to become free from the illusionary realms.

My understanding is that they can be very deceptive entities and the actual practice of refering to such spirits is not ideal in relation to one's spiritual awakening.

Your true nature is 100% wise and complete and is already perfect. The illusion of this world is that we are finite beings and need to 'evolve' spiritually towards "something better" etc etc. The goal of spirituality is to realize one's true divine nature and looking outside to various guides is merely a delaying tactic of the ego.

Spirits may give any amount of accurate info mixed with a little misleading disinfo sometimes merely to justify their connection with you. This may include nice feeling spiritual experiences, healings and also "teachings" or "challenges" etc-all part of the game.

I remember Papaji: was once asked something about channeling and he explained it by drawing something on a bit of paper. You see, he said, for channeling there must be some kind of barrier inbetween yourself and wisdom but this is not really the case. If a barrier is imagined then channeling is seen as attractive but when the false notion of a barrier between yourself and love/wisdom is cast aside then chanelling appears unnecessary.

Indeed by relying on channeling we are only reinforcing the false notion of seperation. ...Aah, I have found the story:

You are here: Index location Shamanism and Magick location Beware of Channeled Material

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