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In the distant past, when the Earth was in a Golden Age it's frequency was far higher than it is now, nearer to the realms of Spirit.

The lifeforce (also known as prana, chi, and ki in different traditions) then available to incarnate beings was far higher than it is now. Humans easily lived for hundereds of years in perfect health, had photo graphic memories and the possession of psychic faculties such as crystal clear telepathy was the norm.

In the realms of spirit, which are nearer to the Source of All Life, beings do not need food but are maintained through the abundance of pure life force in their rarified atmosphere. In just the same way the humans of the past Golden Age on Earth did not need physical food but lived on the Life force.

Even today, with the frequency of the planet and the available life force relatively low, there are some spiritual masters who have attained a level of purity and self mastery that do not require material food to live-to stay incarnate.

Despite how things may sometimes apear on the surface, the frequency of this planet is on the rise. Breatharianism (also known as Inedia) is slowly becoming more feasible for the masses. Coinciding with this, techniques to move upto breatharianism are being made available to the interested public.

I have noticed a correlation between the sources of life force utilised in breatharianism and the four elements. The Fire element corresponds with the Sun. Breatharians derive lifeforce from sunlight in general and progressive sun gazing.

The Air element corresponds with the air we breathe which is infused with lifeforce,

The element of Water corresponds with the water drunk by breatharians and the water vapour in the air.

The Earth element corresponds with the earth energy that breatharians absorb by walking on the bare earth.

If interested in Breatharianism, I reccomend these links:

Although breatharianism may seem an impossibility, it is still worth keeping up to date with this area of thought. By learning to better utilise the life force now you will enhance your physical, emotional and mental health.


Avoid over eating.
Drink plenty of water.
Maintain a vegetarian or vegan type diet.
Favour fresh food: it contains more life force.
Go for natural fibres such as cotton instead of man made fibres, which may disrupt the life.
Let go of grudges and hatred etc which waste life force,
Take walks on the bare Earth.
Go out in the sunshine and fresh air more often.
Study the subjects of life force and health.

You are here: Index location The Physical Body location Breatharianism

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