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Cobbled Streets and Health

Our feet may be more important to our health than we think. Walking and standing for long periods of time in heeled shoes and/or on totally flat hard surfaces is bad for our physical health and effects our emotional well-being as well.

Walking on cobbled stones, especially with bare feet is beneficial for our health because the accupressure points on the feet are stimulated and enlivened by the rough, uneven surface. Working on rough uneven surfaces strengthens our feet, ankles and legs. Such surfaces help improve our visual intelligence and our physical balance which also has some corresponding benefits for psychological balance as well.

Living Spaces should include irregular surfaced pathways for their health benefits.

"A surprising reduction in blood pressure has been achieved in 16 weeks in a group of normally physically inactive elderly men and women who had regular sessions of walking on mats that replicated smooth, rounded cobblestones, Oregon researchers report in the August issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society."

You are here: Index location Living Space / Environmental location Cobbled Streets and Health

The VirtueScience Philosophy
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