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Continual Creation

Imagine a computer game man moving across the screen. Actually the perceived movement is definitely an illusion. It is merely static pixels changing color. The empty grid of pixels is not moving. The colors are apearing and disapearing but not actually moving. I am talking about continual moment-to-moment creation (and destruction)of the universe.

If there is a matrix of spatial points in which tiny particles appear and disappear then there can be an exact kind of geometry at the very small level. I am not that familiar with planc. For me the level of smallness that I am talking about could be far smaller than the planc length and involve "particles" perhaps still unknown to modern science.

My other idea is connected with gravity. You may well be able to laugh this straight out of court but the idea has always struck me as interesting. I imagine some kind of "ether", continually flowing down to this level of reality from higher frequency levels. This is converted into atomic "motion" by atoms and so there are areas of low ether pressure around every atom.

Thought experiment: Imagine 2 shower heads immersed in water. They are connected to pumps that are sucking up water through the shower heads. Because of this would there not be an area of low pressure between the 2 heads?

Thought Experiement- An explanation of Gravity

They would come together mimicking the effects of gravity.

September 2008 Update: I received this interesting contribution from GS:

I was bored at work so read your theory on Continual Creation. I would like to point out that your thought experiment is incorrect because of the homogeneity and isotopic nature of viscous fluid dynamics. If you would be so kind as to provide the complete derivation of this theory, I'm sure your error will come to light. I would assume it is a simple integration error stemming from incorrect boundary conditions. cheers, GS

You are here: Index location Scientific Theories location Continual Creation

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