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Effects on Enemy: Tactical Objectives

During a battle we perform various actions against an enemy in order to ensure our victory. We should keep in mind that the reasons for particular actions are not limited to the obvious but may have many subtle effects and side effects. If we are not aware of the wide range of possible effects that our actions can have on the enemy then we will miss out on many valuable opportunities to gain martial advantage. We might also accidently confer gain to our opponent and cause our own defeat.

Study this incomplete list to get you started:

To help us expand this list to elemental completion we can should consider the martial variables of the opponent. It might be tactically advantageous to over extend or reduce any particular quality of the enemy.

By developing various elemental lists and comparing them we begin to perceive underlying relationships and transcendental symmetry. We can analyze the inter-relationships between the basic concepts that are relevent to the martial sphere.

You are here: Index location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location Effects on Enemy: Tactical Objectives

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