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German. Teacher = Isaac Shapiro.
"Gaia met his teacher Isaac Shapiro for the first time in march 1996 on the Canary Islands. Before that meeting he was a spiritual seeker and visited different teachers in Europe and India. With Isaac the search came to its end. One year later with Isaac's help Gaia realised his true nature and dedicated his life to Satsang to living in truth. For four years Gaia was travelling with Isaac from Satsang to Satsang in Europe and Australia. During this time Gaia met a lot of people and was asked to give Satsang. Since September 2000 he is available for Satsang wherever he is invited to. Gaia´s native language is German, but he holds many Satsangs as well in English."


"Our mind is so cleverly, tells us: "Yes, when I sit here with you, I am fine.“ But this is a stunt. "What happens is that the attention right here in the presence. This has nothing to do with me. Everything I do is, you should be noted. It happens by itself your interest is there, and that is already half the battle could say that. It is actually not even really a feeling there to be someone who is separated from the moment. But it is an activity that always arises: "Gaia and me." At the moment, the attention here is not even an idea because of presence or presence or Empty or anything. It always comes only when the mind again and interpreted. This is simply an activity that takes place, actually fairly constant. But still there is the constant, which is aware. It is the whole time - and you are you aware. Where the attention to DEM, is the idea of: "I need ..., I will ... I must ..." at least for a fraction of a second, disappeared. Then emerges a state, and we want this state. The state, but it appears, is always different. Sometimes, it is bliss, sometimes it is quiet, sometimes peace, sometimes pain or sorrow. But pain or grief we do not want, we just want peace and bliss. It's just as if I were to say: "I want only good to me." Your natural state is bliss - without, that is wanted."
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