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The Inner Battle

Martial tactics, being universal, have their parallel on the path of self improvement, spiritual purification and enlightenment. Many ancient practices that seem irrelevant, mere superstition, are actually intelligently designed to support the inner spirit against it's foes.

Many modern attitudes and behaviours that seem harmless can secretly be opening people up to negativity, squandering their vital strength and leading them into danger. In a life and death military campaign we would not give our enemy food and ammunition for our supply. We would not walk uprepared into a hostile camp. In a serious struggle we would not get drunk. We would not dance on a minefield. Yet many semi-serious spiritual seekers often do the spiritual equivelant of these crazy actions.

Beware of self deceit on the spiritual path and do not be led astray by inner egotistical arguments. What level of existence do many excuses serve? Be on guard.

You are here: Home location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location The Inner Battle
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