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Janaka Stagnaro

Janaka Stagnaro

USA. Born in 1960, John Stagnaro, California.


"When you dwell on God, calling out to God, speaking Gods infinite Names in Silence, or chanting and singing, and by walking in the Present in Awareness, then you are valuing the timeless, the Infinite. What you think about you will become."

"The mind is habituated to run unchecked. For years and years the mind has been the master of your life, full of past events with their labels of good and bad, as well as of dreams and schemes and hopes and fears tucked in the file folder of the future. It never wants to rest and be still in the moment, in the Now; otherwise it would disappear. The mind is like a mirage of shimmering thoughts, always just ahead of you, prompting you along. It does not want you to see if it is real at all. So you see, having the mind be still is no easy task. People will prepare for marathons for years. Stilling the mind is much more difficult."

"I find the Bliss in the Silence of Being, feel the joy and compassion and the pathos of the Heart, and come to work and struggle in the world to transfom it to a place of Beauty and Goodness. This is the Path I walk and stumble upon."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Janaka Stagnaro

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