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India. A North Indian Brahman (priest), held by his followers (Ramanandis) to be fifth in succession in the lineage of the philosopher-mystic Ramanuja. (1400-1480 AD).


"Let no one ask a man's caste or with whom eats. If a man is devoted to Hari, he becomes Hari's own."

Poem: Raga Basant
"O my brother,
where shall I go,
why should I wander?
The pleasure I seek
is in my very own home.
My mind will not stray,
for my heart
is now steadfast.

One day,
a yearning arose in my heart,
and I went with
sandal shavings and essence
and so many perfumes,
so I could worship Brahma
in the temple.
But then the guru told me
that the Brahma I sought
dwelt in my very own heart.

Wherever I went
I met only water and stone --
but You remain
and forever unchanging.
I read and searched
all the Vedas
and the Puranas;
I go to them
if I do not find Him here.

O my true guru,
I am your handmaid,
your living sacrifice,
for you have cut away
all my hardened doubts,
all my great fears.
Ramananda's lord
is the all-pervasive Brahma --
a guru's word
can destroy a million sins."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Ramananda

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