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Save Money at SuperMarkets

Saving money on groceries on a week by week basis can certainly add up over time. Here is a list of tips to help you save money at supermarkets.

Save your receipts and look over them from time to time. What are the most expensive items that you are buying? What items could you do without? Which items are worth buying in bulk?

Consume items which dont stay as fresh as long first. Make sure they don't go off.

Learn to cook with left overs, dont waste food.

Look out for coupons in your local paper and on the receipt.

In store, look for a reduced price section.

Contemplate your eating habits. Are some habits actually unnecessary and costing you money?

Don't be swayed by big brand names. At least try the cheaper alternatives and supermarket home brands.

Get and use a store loyalty card if there is one available.

Refrain from over-eating.

Vegetarian or vegan diet is always best.

Avoid the supermarket when you are hungry. Keep sober and alert.

Buy less prepared goods and do the preparation yourself at home. For example, chop the fruit up yourself rather than buying pre-chopped.

Try other supermarkets than your regular one. Shop around, making a note of the differences.

Make sure that you have enough in for the week ahead to avoid having to buy last minute pre-packed sandwiches etc for work.

Have good storage at home so that your supplies lasts longer and you can accomadate selective bulk buying.

Try shopping with the most prudent, thriftiest oe even 'meanest' person that you can and watch how they shop.

Try your best to do without temporarily if buying the tems will put you in or over your overdraft facility. Avoid bank charges.

Grow some food yourself if you can.

Renouncing, alcohol, meats and tobacco products will save you money as well as all the other benefits.

Dont be so picky.

It can be worth getting your item from the back of shelves etc as supermarkets often put the fresher stock at the back and move the older stock to the front. Examine sell-by-dates and go for the items that are the freshest-they will last longer and taste better.

Befriend someone who works in store and ask them to let let you know about any amazing special offers and also deleivery dates etc.

Take note of 2-for-one offers etc. If 2 of one item is more than you need then shop with someone else and divide up for mutual benefit.

You are here: Index location Financial Freedom location Save Money at SuperMarkets

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