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Character / Virtues VirtueScience is the deep study of character-the virtues and vices. It is concerned with understanding the mechanism of character change so that it may be harnessed for the good of the individual and society. It recognizes a symmetrical matrix of virtues which can be used as an ideal transcultural blueprint for character.
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Dr. Sally Ann Law, Personal and Professional Life CoachDr. Sally Ann Law is a life coach based in London. Her unique approach to life coaching involves working with individual and corporate clients in face-to-face sessions. Her aim is to help her clients achieve clarity and focus and to determine strategies for positive change.
Achieve Your GoalsSelf Improvement system teaches you how to achieve your goals by using the power of your mind and subconscious mind.
GetMotivation.com - motivation and inspiration 24/7!Your original motivational and success community
More-Self-EsteemBuilding self esteem and self confidence with great advice, tips, articles, recommended books, free courses and much more!
Depression help and preventionDepression help and advice that will increase your happiness, self esteem, self confidence and success includes courses, books and articles and more!
www.Motivation123.com Motivation 123 provides hundreds of simple tips and ideas that are guaranteed to help you find the motivation you are looking for.
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Hi, I am James Barton an independent truth seeker.
VirtueScience is a unique philosophy and set of tools which I have developed over many years. It combines deep new insights with ancient wisdom.