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Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal

Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal

India. Born in 1922 AD. "Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal tirelessly practised Self-Enquiry in a remote house 'Sri Arunachala Ramana Nilayam' in the interior of Thiruvannamalai for 30-odd years, and scrupulously wrote down the difficulties faced by him in Self-Enquiry and also the methods by which he overcame them. The only way one can pay tribute to this supremely benevolent human being, is by applying his practical hints in our day-by-day self-enquiry, benefit from the same and in the course of our deriving benefit therefrom, pass it on to the future generations of humanity, for them to benefit therefrom."
by R.K. Shankar


"Sri Bhagawan created a few circumstances, in the external lives of some of His Devotees.

As a result, all those who were close to these Devotees, left them. All their beloved friends abused these Devotees and blamed them for mistakes not committed by them.

Then, these Devotees realised that there was no one in this world to really love them. Then, overpowered by an immense sense of a loss of all things that were held by them as dear to their heart, they realised that there was no other way, than to take refuge in the Limitless Love of Sri Bhagawan.

In that state of their intense longing, Sri Bhagawan appeared from inside these Devotees' Heart, as the Supreme Light of the Knowledge of the Self."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Sri Sadhu Om Swamigal

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