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Basic Steps Towards Conceptual Organisation

Step 1: Basic List

Write a rough list of concepts, tactics, logical fallacies, virtues etc.

Step 2

Bring together obvious opposite concepts.

Step 3

Group the pairs of opposite concepts together by common theme.

Step 4

Examine each concept and see if it can be made up from a combination of other simpler concepts from your list. If so remove it.

Step 5

Identify any gaps, ie concepts which you can not think of an opposite for. Try to fill the gaps. If you still cannot think of a word make up a substitute phrase that aproximates the meaning of the missing word.

Step 6

Identify every elemental concept that make up your set by permutation. Mathematically work out how many permutations are possible at a given level of complexity. Asign each permutation string to one of your words.

You are here: Index location Conceptual Science location Basic Steps Towards Conceptual Organisation

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