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Targets: Things to be Defended and Attacked

Conceptually speaking most people would benefit from widening their definition of "target" in the martial sphere. Here is a quick list to get you started:

Things to be defended and attacked:

As with all such lists the "list of things to be defended and attacked" represents only the raw material for deeper conceptual analysis and should be integrated into the overall conceptual matrix.

Properties to consider when preparing to defend targets:


A few ideas regarding targets:

If target moves too early another will be selected.

If a target moves too late it will be hit.

Avoidance strategies can be telegraphed just the same as attacks. Avoid this.

False targets can draw away and nullify harm thus protecting true targets.

Making a target seem more vulnerable that it really is can cause the opponent to make a tactical error.

In some situations reduce the number of actual viable targets and increase the number of apparent viable targets.

You are here: Index location Universal Tactics and Self Defence location Targets: Tactical Protection

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