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Tomas Stubbs

Tomas Stubbs

Influenced by Eckhart Tolle amongst others.


"Mental conditioning is widely held to be a barrier to Enlightenment. This is an overstatement, and a very significant one. It supports the idea that if you work through all your conditioning then eventually you will be free from it and then you will be Enlightened. A neat twist of the mind to keep the story going!

Pure consciousness, that which is your nature, is not tainted by conditioning. It is like a 24 carat gold door, it cannot be diluted or corrupted in any way. The conditioning that may be present is like thin layers of paint on the door, only obscuring the truth, never damaging it. The conditioning may be in many layers but each is imperfect and only a scratch is needed to reveal the golden nature beneath.

The only conditioning that really stands in the way of Enlightenment is the belief that conditioning prevents it. The golden truth is continually being revealed and covered up again, and one moment of true recognition is enough to remove many layers of conditioning. The mind, in trying to remove the conditioning, is a slave to a story of Enlightenment. It has it backwards, like the tail trying to wag the dog."

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You are here: Index location Nonduality & Spirituality location Guides, Gurus and God-Beings location Tomas Stubbs

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