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Technology and the Future of the Earth

Technology is morally neutral within itself, it is only it's impementation and usage that makes it beneficial or harmful to humanity and the planet. As technologies converge and the focus on ecological sustainability strengthens there are reasons to be optimistic.

I feel that surveillance technologies will continue to increase in sophistication and deployment. Consider the databases that are fed by the enormous amounts of data harvested from these surveillance apparatus. The connections between such local and global databases will covertly and overtly increase in speed, number and complexity, leading inevitably to one global super database. Justifyably civil rights groups will object to infingements on personal privacy etc. So the true Global database will initially incorporate more academic subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology etc along with global weather systems and seismic activity etc.

World Brain

With increases in artificial intelligence and the eventual emergence of the Semantic Web...

You are here: Index location Healing Society location Technology and the Future of the Earth

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