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Magic Hexagon of the 19 Tao Imbued Permutations

The 27 Permutations consist of 10 groups of equal ratio. As you can see, the 10 ratios correspond exactly to the 10 parts of the Pythagorean Tetraktis as well as the 10 sephirof of the Tree of Life.

Note that only the top 3 levels of the Tetraktis contain at least one tao bindu. These levels contain 19 (ie 1+6+12) trinary permutations.

The 19 tao imbued permutations can be arranged into a magic hexagon thus:

Note that as with the traditional magic hexagon this diagram may be shown in any one of 12 reflections/alignments. The alignment above was chosen arbitarily as the significance of the positional variations are not yet known. Also the colours chosen do not indicate a specific frequency etc but are meant only to be suggestive and for reasons of clarity.

The Inner Circle

corresponds with the apex of the Tetraktis, the point and the centre of the cube of space. It also corresponds with one of the 7 hebrew double letters.

The 6 Middle Circles

correspond with the 2nd level of the Tetraktis and the 6 faces of the Cube of Space. They also correspond with 6 of the seven hebrew double letters.

The Outer 12 Circles

correspond with the 3rd level of the Tetraktis and the 12 edges of the Cube of Space. They also correspond with the 12 hebrew simple letters and the 12 signs of the zodiac etc.

As you can see the above diagram is numbered in base 10. If you convert the diagram back into base 3 and use the key 0=tao, 1=yang and 2=yin you will see that the permutations cancel out to tao in every direction!

This diagram has exactly the same configuration but shows the polarity values.

You are here: Index location Esoteric Wisdom location Magic Hexagon of the 19 Tao Imbued Permutations

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