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<111 Number Data-Base
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The Number 112: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 112=2x2x2x2x7.

112 can be Partitioned 57 times with each term no larger than 2.

112 can be Partitioned 1202 times with each term no larger than 3.

112 is a Heptagonal Number.

112 is a 20-gonal Number.

112 is a Centered 37-gonal Number.

112 is an Abundant Number.

The maximal number of regions into which a plane can be divided by 11 circles=112

Jbir Ibn Hayyn, in his "Book of the Seventy" (Kitb al-sab'n) attaches a very great importance to the numerical series: 1, 3, 5, 8 and 28. He used them especially to elucidate the principles using in the construction of metals. Each of the four qualities - hot, dry, cold, humid - or elementary "natures" presented, he supposed, four degrees and seven subdivisions, which gives a total of 112 "positions" - 28 x 4.

"Make a Circle with a center A, which is B. C. D. E. At the East let there be B.C. a square. At the North, C.D. At the West, D.E. And at the South, E.D. [*E.B.] Divide the Several quadrants into seven parts, that there may be in the whole 28 parts: and let them be again divided into four parts, that there may be 112 parts of the Circle: and so many are the true secrets to revealed. And this Circle in this manner divided, is the seal of the secrets of the world, which they draw from the onely center A, that is, from the invisible God, unto the whole creature."

According to St Malachy there will be total of a 112 popes.

The Year 112 AD

In the year 112 AD Emperor Trojan gave an order: "Those who follow 'Isa and refuse to worship the idols gods are disloyal to the state, so we will sentence them to death!"

Pliny was governor of the Roman province of Bithynia, and in the year 112 AD wrote to the Emperor asking for advice on what to do about troublesome Christians.

<111 Number Data-Base
Random Number

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