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The Number 50: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 50=2x5x5.

50 can be Partitioned 26 times with each term no larger than 2.

50 can be Partitioned 234 times with each term no larger than 3.

50 can be Partitioned 1154 times with each term no larger than 4.

Sum of the squares of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle= 9 + 16 + 25 = 50

50 is a Hexagonal Pyramidal Number.

Sum of the 1st three abundant numbers 12 + 18 + 20 = 50

50 is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of of 2 squares in 2 ways.

The moon is fifty times smaller than the Earth.

The Chemical Element Tin has an atomic number of 50.

The 50 sticks, all the same length, which are handled in the consultation of the Yi King.

The 50 Gates of Understanding in the Kabbalistic tradition correspond with 50 levels of conciousness from unconcious rock through to an enlightened being. They represent the first (counting upwards from 10 to 4) 7 sephirof on the tree of life (with each of the 7 containing every other of the 7 sephirof) + Binna the Gate of Understanding: 49+1=50.

The 50 letters in the sacred Sanskrit alphabet.

In Humans: the "petals" of the 7 main chakras total 50.

The 50 grains of the rosary Aksha-Mala of Indians.

Film: 50 First Dates.

The Year 50 AD

In the year 50 AD the southern Arabian kingdom of Qataban was conquered by the Himyaritic Kingdom (with Hittite aid).

In the year 50 AD Xianbei (mounted archers) invaded north China.

In the year 50 AD the Chinese Empire allied itself with the southern Hsiung Nu tribes.

In the year 50 AD the Romans founded Londinium in Britain.

49 50 51
The Main Number Sections:
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