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A silicate of alumina, iron, and magnesia, having a bright blue color and vitreous luster.

bulletIolite is one of the best stones to use in psychic, healing, and spiritual activities.
bulletcan open one to psychic talents and expand them.
bulletis excellent for use on the 3rd eye and crown chakras.
bulletcan bring clear psychic vision.
bulletcan also enhance curiosity.
bulletis also an excellent stone for meditation and astral travel.
bullethelps one grow spiritually in a gentle fashion.
bulletis considered a very strong "Shaman" stone, and can stimulate visions.
bulletis very helpful when dealing with addictions, including alcoholism.
bulletis also said to help build relationships of all kinds.
bulletassists in detoxification as well as maintaining sobriety.
bulletis used to help heal sore throat, varicose veins, and blisters.

Greek 'violet -lite'.
Origin of the word Iolite at Etymonline.com (currently empty)

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