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The 9 Trinary Permutations

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The 9 trinary permutations may be positioned in a 3 by three grid in a number of ways. The 2 poles of this permutational continuum are the "differentiated alignment" which seperates the yin/yang polarities as much as possible

and the "undifferentiated alignment" which mixes the polarities as much as possible-in effect the undifferentiated alignment is a magic square because the permutations and polarity charge cancel out to zero/tao in every direction and the base 10 values of the figures add up to the same number in evey direction or in as many directions as numerically possible.

The Base 10 diagram above adds up to 12 in every direction apart from the 2 diagnals which when added together (9+3) = 12.

The 9 trinary permutations may correspond with the 9 points of the Enneagram. If so there may be other higher and lower complexity "enneagrams" corresponding to different permutational sets.

The above diagram shows one possible way of placing the 9 trinary permutations apon the enneagram. It translates the base 10 numerals into trinary figures thus: the yang line=*1, the tao bindu=*0 and the yin line=*2. The lower level of the trinary figure=1 and the upper level=3. 9 is seen as interchangable with zero through out the system. Mathematically it shares some properties with zero.

The Enneagram is an ancient diagram with much significance. It is mostly known for personality analysis and work with the virtues. If the discoveries outlined in Inner Medicine were applied to the Enneagram tradition I believe that powerful new tools for self healing/improvement could be discovered. I am not yet in a position to work in this area yet are you?

The Enneagram is less widely known for its relevance to open systems and energy transformations etc. If interested I suggest "Enneagram studies" by J.G.Bennet. I personaly have read it a number of times but cannot grasp its full import although I can recognize its value. Also check out Guest Essay:
The Enneagram by Marko Rodin

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