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The Number 117: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 117=3x3x13.

117 can be Partitioned 59 times with each term no larger than 2.

117 can be Partitioned 1200 times with each term no larger than 3.

117 is a Pentagonal Number.

117 is a 40-gonal Number.

117 is the number of constitutive elements (or atoms) of which our Earth would be composed, perhaps even at the solar level, according to Druidism.

According to Wang Fu, who lived in the Han dynasty, the Chinese dragon is drawn from 9 distinct entities:

1.Head of a camel
2.Eyes of a demon
3.Ears of a cow
4.Horns are branched antlers of a stag
5.Neck of a snake
6.Belly of a clam
7.Soles of its feet are a tigers,
8.Claws are that of an eagles
9And 117 scales, that of a carp.
Again, this is how most Chinese dragons are drawn. About those 117 scales: 81 are infused with benevolent essence (or yang) and 36 with malign essence (or yin).

The Year 117 AD

In the year 117 AD: The Death of Trajan and beginning of the reign of Aelius Hadrian Caesar.

In the year 117 AD the Roman emperor Hadrian completed the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the principal monument in southeast Athens. The emperor also erected a gymnasium and a number of bathing establishments in the vicinity.

<116 Number Data-Base
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