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The Number 6: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 6=2x3.

6 is a Perfect Number.

6 is a Centered Pentagonal Number.

6 is a Triangular Number.

6 is a Hexagonal Number.

6 is a Schrder Number.

6 is an Octahedral Number.

6 is a Pentagonal Pyramidal Number.

6 can be Partitioned in 11 ways.

6 is the total number of parts in all Partitions of 3.

The number of equivalent hyperspheres in 2 dimensions which can touch an equivalent hypersphere without any intersections=6.(Kissing Number)

The Tetrahedron is a Platonic Solid with 6 Edges.

The Cube is a Platonic Solid with 6 Faces.

The Octahedron is a Platonic Solid with 6 Vertices.

The Chemical Element Carbon has an atomic number of 6.

In Humans: the Sex Chakra (Svaadishthana) has 6 petals.

The 6 directions: north, south, east, west, up and down.

The six means of perfection or transcendent Virtues of the Buddhist: the patience, the charity, the energy, the wisdom or the science, the contemplation or the charity, the virtue or the purity.

Six Virtues (shat sampat): Six virtues, areas of mental training, and attitudes are cultivated so as to stabilize the mind and emotions, allowing the deep practice of contemplative meditation to be performed.

1) Tranquility (shama): Intentional cultivating an inner attitude of tranquility, peace of mind, or contentment is a foundation on which the other practices can rest.
2) Training (dama): Training of the senses (indriyas) means the responsible use of the senses in positive, useful directions, both in our actions in the world and the nature of inner thoughts we cultivate.
3) Withdrawal (uparati): With a proper inner attitude of tranquility, and the training of the senses, there also comes a sense of satiety, or natural sense of completeness, as if no more of the sensory experience need be sought.
4) Forbearance (titiksha): Forbearance and tolerance of external situations allow one to be free from the onslaught of the sensory stimuli and pressures from others to participate in actions, speech, or thoughts that one knows to be going in a not-useful direction.
5) Faith (shraddha): An intense sense of certainty about the direction one is going keeps one going in the right direction, persisting in following the teachings and practices that have been examined and seen to be productive, useful, and fruit bearing.
6) Focus (samadhana): Resolute focus towards harmonizing and balancing of mind, its thoughts, and emotions, along with the other virtues, brings a freedom to pursue the depth of inner exploration and realization.

Film: The 6th Day.

Film: The Sixth Sense.

Film: Six Degrees Of Separation.

The Year 6 AD

In the year 6 AD Cleopatra Selene died.

In the year 6 AD Judea and Moesia become Roman provinces.

In the year 6 AD Tiberius makes Carnuntum his base of operations against Maroboduus.

In the year 6 AD: the accession of Ru Zi Ying of the Han Dynasty in China and start of Jushe era of the Chinese Han Dynasty.

In the year 6 AD candidates for political office in China must take civil-service examinations.

In the year 6 AD The Romans named Caesarea as a regional capital.

In the year 6 AD the Sefer Yetzirah was edited.(Esoteric History)

<5 Number Data-Base
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