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The Number 197: Properties and Meanings

197 is a Prime Number.

197 is a Super Catalan Number.

197 is a Centered Heptagonal Number.

There are two different ways of expressing 197 as a sum of consecutive primes: as the sum of the first twelve primes and also the sum of seven consecutive primes (17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41).

The Chemical Element. Gold has one Stable Isotope It has 197 neutrons.

197 Arete is a bright Main belt asteroid. It was discovered by J. Palisa and named after Arete, the mother of Nausicaa in Homer's The Odyssey.

Fu Xi is said to have lived for 197 years.

197 Yonge Street was formerly a four-floor Canadian Bank of Commerce building built in 1905 by architects Pearson and Darling and declared as a historical property by the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1974.

The New Jersey Transit bus route 197.

The Year 197 AD

In the year 197 AD a Christian council was held in Edessa.

Galen's major work on medicines, Pharmacologia, was published.

Roman usurper Albinus was defeated by the forces of Roman Emperor Septimius Severus.

<196 Number Data-Base
Random Number

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