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98 99 100

The Number 99: Properties and Meanings

Prime Factors of 99=3x3x11.

99 can be Partitioned 50 times with each term no larger than 2.

99 can be Partitioned 867 times with each term no larger than 3.

99 is a 34-gonal Number.

99 is the sum of the sums of divisors of the first 11 integers.

The 99 Names of God, according to Islamic tradition, are the names of God that God, or Allah, has revealed to man: ALLAH Al Rahman:The All Beneficent Al Rahim:The Most Merciful Al Malik:The King, The Sovereign Al Quddus:The Most Holy Al Salam Peace and Blessing Al Mu'min: The Guarantor Al Muhaymin: The Guardian, the Preserver Al 'Aziz: The Almighty, the Self Sufficient Al Jabbar: The Powerful, the Irresistible Al Mutakabbir : The Tremendous Al Khaliq : The Creator Al Bari' : The Maker Al Musawwir : The Fashioner of Forms Al Ghaffar : The Ever Forgiving Al Qahhar : The All Compelling Subduer Al Wahhab : The Bestower Al Razzaq : The Ever Providing Al Fattah : The Opener, the Victory Giver Al Alim : The All Knowing, the Omniscient Al Qabid : The Restrainer, the Straitener Al Basit : The Expander, the Munificent Al Khafid : The Abaser Al Rafi' : The Exalter Al Mu'izz : The Giver of Honor Al Mudhill : The Giver of Dishonor Al Sami' : The All Hearing Al Basir : The All Seeing Al Hakam : The Judge, the Arbitrator Al 'Adl : The Utterly Just Al Latif : The Subtly Kind Al Khabir : The All Aware Al Halim : The Forbearing, the Indulgent Al 'Azim : The Magnificent, the Infinite Al Ghafur : The All Forgiving Al Shakur : The Grateful Al 'Ali : The Sublimely Exalted Al Kabir : The Great Al Hafiz : The Preserver Al Muqit : The Nourisher Al Hasib : The Reckoner Al Jalil : The Majestic Al Karim : The Bountiful, the Generous Al Raqib : The Watchful Al Mujib : The Responsive, the Answerer Al Wasi' : The Vast, the All Encompassing Al Hakim : The Wise Al Wadud : The Loving, the Kind One Al Majid : The All Glorious Al Ba'ith : The Raiser of the Dead Al Shahid : The Witness Al Haqq : The Truth, the Real Al Wakil: The Trustee, the Dependable Al Qawiyy : The Strong Al Matin : The Firm, the Steadfast Al Wali : The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Helper Al Hamid : The All Praiseworthy Al Muhsi : The Accounter, the Numberer of All Al Mubdi' : The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all Al Mu'id : The Reinstater Who Brings Back All Al Muhyi : The Giver of Life Al Mumit : The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer Al Hayy : The Ever Living Al Qayyum : The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All Al Wajid : The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing Al Majid : The Illustrious, the Magnificent Al Wahid : The One, the All Inclusive, the Indivisible Al Samad : The Self Sufficient,the Impregnable,the Eternally Besought of All, the Everlasting Al Qadir : The All Able Al Muqtadir : The All Determiner, the Dominant Al Muqaddim : The Expediter, He who brings forward Al Mu'akhkhir : The Delayer, He who puts far away Al Awwal : The First Al Akhir : The Last Al Zahir: The Manifest; the All Victorious Al Batin : The Hidden; the All Encompassing Al Wali : The Patron Al Muta'al : The Self Exalted Al Barr : The Most Kind and Righteous Al Tawwab : The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting Al Muntaqim : The Avenger Al 'Afuww : The Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins Al Ra'uf : The Compassionate, the All Pitying Malik al Mulk : The Owner of All Sovereignty Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram : The Lord of Majesty and Generosity Al Muqsit : The Equitable, the Requiter Al Jami' : The Gatherer, the Unifier Al Ghani : The All Rich, the Independent Al Mughni : The Enricher, the Emancipator Al Mani': The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender Al Darr : The Distresser, the Harmer Al Nafi' : The Propitious, the Benefactor Al Nur : The Light Al Hadi : The Guide Al Badi : Incomparable, the Originator Al Baqi : The Ever Enduring and Immutable Al Warith : The Heir, the Inheritor of All Al Rashid : The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower Al Sabur : The Patient, the Timeless

The Year 99 AD

In the year 99 AD Musonius Rufus, Roman philosopher, died.

In the year 99 AD Kush King Kanishka, under whose reign the kingdom reaches its peak, sent a delegation to Rome to devise a surprise attack against Parthia.

98 99 100
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