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James Barton

James Barton
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Hi, I am James Barton, the creator of VirtueScience.com and author of "Inner Medicine".
I was born on August the 17th 1976 and live in Rugby Town which is in Warwickshire, England.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in looking at things deeply and I continue to study a wide variety of philosophies and ideas from all round the world. My spiritual hero is Ramana Maharshi and I also respect many other teachers to varying degrees. I have been a vegetarian since I was about 14 years old and I am quite passionate about it.

I value creativity and enjoy coming up with interesting ideas about a range of subjects; some of which can be found on this site. Here is a short Spiritual Biography.

Other Facts about James Barton

I worked for a local company building circuit boards etc for 10 years. I am now working in an aluminium foundry.

I had a poem published in anthology around 1995 called Star Gazing. My poem was called Souler Systems.

I have painted in acrylic an abstract called "First Awakening" based on sacred geometry principles and the esoteric anotomy of the microcosm.

My aims include the complete beneficial transformation of the world.

I am interested in Self Defence

I am interested in geopolitics and theories about the future of humankind.

Books that I have Read You are here: Home location About VirtueScience location Tuesday, August the 17th 1976
Hi, I am James Barton an independent truth seeker.
VirtueScience is a unique philosophy and set of tools which I have developed over many years. It combines deep new insights with ancient wisdom.
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